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Recycling in East Peoria

Posted on: June 21st, 2018 by rjohnson

There are some things that you would think would be recyclable in East Peoria, but they are not. Here are some of the non-recyclables and why they cannot be accepted.

  • For the most part if an item is a mix of materials it is hard to recycle.
  • If an item has food liquids, like grease soaked into it or even left in the container, don’t recycle it. If the recycling company finds very many things in a load of recyclable materials that are not supposed to be there, the whole load will go to the dump.
  • Single use non-plastic cups that are made of paper, like coffee cups from Starbucks, can not be recycled. They have a thin layer of polyethylene on the inside of the cup. This makes the cup hold a liquid and not leak. Because of the polyethylene film, they can’t be recycled because it is very hard to separate the polyethylene from the paper.
  • Juice boxes and waxy Half Gallon Milk boxes are also okay to recycle.
  • Next are food containers either from the grocery store or from a takeout restaurant. Even if they are the right type of plastic or cardboard they can’t be recycled if they are contaminated by left over food or grease. So items in this list would be most cardboard pizza boxes. Remember that pizza boxes come with a top and a bottom. If the top or the bottom is clean you can cut it off and recycle it. Plastic food holders may need to be rinsed out to be recycled. You don’t need to scrub things out, just rinse them with a small amount of water and they should be good to go.
  • Here is the information on plastic grocery bags. You never want to put them into your recycling bin or toter. If they go to the recycling center the bags will get stuck in the gears and machinery of the recycling machines. The machines will have to be stopped and cleaned of plastic bags. Take your old plastic bags to a grocery store and put them in the recycling containers at the store. Or better yet bring your own reusable cloth shopping bags to the store. Then you won’t need to take any plastic bags in the first place.
  • Last of all is glass. The only type of glass that you should recycle are glass jars and bottles. Any color is acceptable and they do not need to be separated. But remember No window glass, mirror glass, bake ware, or knick knack glass.



  • Aluminum, Tin or Steel Cans
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Old Mail and Shredded Paper
  • Clean Cardboard cut up into 2 or 3ft. pieces that fit in the toter
  • Clean Rinsed Plastics 1 – 5 & 7
  • Glass Jars and Bottles any color

NO – Window or Mirror Glass, Bake ware, Knick Knacks, Oil Containers, Items contaminated with food or Drinking Straws.

East Peoria Green July 5th event

Posted on: June 20th, 2018 by rjohnson

Some of our EP Green members will be gathering at the East Peoria 4th of July celebration site at 8 a.m. July 5th. Come and be patriotic with the green team and help the city of East Peoria to be good community of the Earth. We will be picking up all the materials left along the river front by the 4th of July partiers. We will make sure that the garbage goes in the trash cans and that the recyclables go in the recycling toters. The city will pick things up after we are finished. We hope to be joined by some members of the EPCHS Hope Club and the ICC SAFE Club. If you can join us please bring gloves to protect your hands and water to keep you hydrated.

EP Green Recycles Batteries

Posted on: June 19th, 2018 by rjohnson

As of June 15th East Peoria Green will be accepting used BATTERIES at their booth at the FARMERS MARKET.  All you have to do is bring your dead batteries with you to farmers market and turn them in at our booth.  East Peoria Green will take them to be recycled.  We will take all regular batteries: AA, AAA, D-cell, 9 volt, and batteries for power tools.  Please don’t bring in old car batteries.  You should exchange that when you get a new battery.