Glass Recycling Event

Posted on: December 3rd, 2017 by rjohnson

On a chilly November 11th morning another glass recycling event was held in East Peoria. The East Peoria Green Team, in conjunction with the City of East Peoria and Waste Management provided an opportunity for citizens to recycle used glass containers. We had a very good turnout with about 85 different families dropping off used glass jars & bottles.

East Peoria Green members Linda Tiller, Lori Wolf, and Bob Jorgensen, were assisted by EPCHS Hope Club members, Abigail and Katelyn, as seen in a picture.

There was a constant stream of cars coming into the FOLEPI Building lot to drop off their glass jars and bottles. We dump the glass into the roll off supplied by Waste Management. Club business cards with our website information, were given to attendee’s. A donation of $1 per car load was asked for to help pay the cost of the event. Future glass recycling events were discussed with many attendees, though a date was not set. We also discussed the Fondulac Townships Solar Project, to be voted on Thurs. Nov. 16th at 6 p.m at the FOLEPI Bldg. Attendee’s said they would be saving their bottles and jars until the next glass recycling day, hopefully sometime at the end of summer.

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