Riverfront Clean Up

Posted on: July 16th, 2022 by rjohnson

It was great to get back into the ‘clean up and recycle’ state of mind since we had an in person 4th of July fireworks celebration. As in the past East Peoria Green and some of our friends turned out 10 or more volunteers on the 5th of July. We worked for about 3 hours sorting recyclables from trash and put them in the correct containers. The photos show two groups of green volunteers who helped with the HOT messy task. I apologize to the helpers that were there that I missed with the camera. We want to thank the City of East Peoria for arranging their pick up of the trash and recyclables at the riverfront around our schedule. 
I must say that the area was in better shape this year, so if you were there, Thank You. 
Remember that the Recycling toters are the ones with the single round hole on top. Many of these toters have blue lids, but some do not. We had two members, who suggested we spray paint many tops of the recycle toters a nice blue. Then they would match the blue topped toters we use all around the city. We hope to do that in the cooler fall when the baseball season ends. 
Be Patriotic all year! Help someone you don’t know that needs help.

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